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Check out this sub-reddit, lots of valuable info, but more importantly a central place to plan and join in. Help the protocol, awareness and coverage move forward. (already 12k active users)

Add your self to the map,

A charity called has plans to buy old satellites ( and also use new ones)  as a provision of basic human rights and connectivity on a world wide scale.

An ad hoc network in space would provide global coverage for people in need.  As we saw recently in Egypt, the internet has become an essential form of communication, even a basic human right.

If you want to help out or read more check out the blog,

They would be happy to work with any capable engineers, or maybe you have a spare satellite floating around?

Well if not, a few dollars would be helpful for such a great project.

The after math in Egypt is really a testament to the power of social media as something that belongs in the hands of the people in a truly democratic sense. We are quickly realizing it is a tool that can save lives and create change for the better. S

Collective empowerment in real-time.