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The Serval project is a mobile free global mesh network being headed by Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen and a team of engineers and developers. They have already released an Android app,  very interesting

Providing local information during an “internet kill switch”.

Due to recent events in Egypt and the speed of the shutdown.

Most of these projects are open to contribution and further development.

B.A.T.M.A.N –

Roofnet |

GNUnet |

Netsukuku |

Open Mesh Project |

OLPC Mesh Network |

Open source BGP |

Digitatas |

sMesh |

Coova |

Babel |

SolarMESH |

WINGproject |

Wiki list of mesh protocols: Wikimedia list of ad-hoc mesh protocols and packet routing

Even bigger list of ad-hoc routing protocols:

Commercial projects:
Meraki ( google funded) |
Firetide |

Basic explanation – how this stuff works:

Example of a working grassroots wireless community

The list here is to consolidate information, please feel free leave any protocols that have been left out and relevant comparison/analysis of mesh solutions in the comments.